Friday, December 3, 2010

Skeletal approach to motivated blogging?

Version 0.2

What are the motivations to write for public consumption? Obviously the responses of the readers, and the feedback to my various ideas has been minimal. Loss of motivation, eh?

My new idea is to throw out ideas in a skeletal format. Even the skeleton will include enough keywords to be found, assuming there is anyone who is searching. If interest is shown via the comments, then I'll be glad to flesh out the skeleton, either in the comments or as a full-fledged and justified new blog article of some length.

Today's skeleton: Why do you blog? More generally, why do you write anything at all?

Skeletal answer: Most of my writing is professional, and after 10 years as a professional editor, I've done a lot of it.

About the rating system in version numbers (which is also a new skeletal idea): My idea there is that a fractional version sort of represents an estimate of how much more the current topic would need to be fleshed out. It's purely a subjective and non-linear idea. Some of the factors to be considered are how much time would be involved, estimated fraction of the key ideas which are already included, and how long a proper treatment would run. If the theme has received substantial revision, then the whole number part might be incremented. For example, most of my prior blogs were basically intended as 1.0 versions, though many of them deserve lower ratings with version numbers around 0.8 or so. In contrast, the Fermi Paradox topic has actually received some interest, and it might be worth starting on a version 2.x consolidated rewrite of that one.

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